What you’ll learn

  • Recognise the signs that your child is ready and capable to start potty training
  • Learn tips to help your child to overcome potty refusal
  • How practice and patience from you can accelerate your child’s success
  • Effective tools to help with night-time success


Learn to recognise when your child is ready and capable of acquiring the new skill of using the potty.

Don’t believe the myth that your child will be trained to use the potty over a weekend.

Avoid comparing your child to your friend’s children and when they started potty training or how quickly their children achieved this developmental milestone because every child is unique.

This course teaches you to take things slowly and patiently and follow your child’s lead wherever possible. Even when you occasionally feel frustrated, being patient with your child will help them to master this new developmental stage of no longer needing a nappy / diaper.

When children are physiologically ready to start potty training this course will help you to recognise the signs that your child is ready to start potty training towards being nappy / diaper FREE.

Potty training, when your child is not ready, can lead to unnecessary battles and cause the child to rebel.

You will leave this course with tips and techniques to successfully train your child to use the potty/toilet.

This course includes tips on naps and night-time routines.

Children typically take a little longer to sleep dry all night. Up to 1 in 5 children aged 5 occasionally wet the bed, despite the fact that most children are potty trained between the ages of 3 and 5.

This course focuses on interacting with your child to help them learn how to recognise when they need to pee or poo and how to use the potty/toilet.

This course teaches how to respect your child’s age and stage of development and in their own time with your guidance, your child will make the transition from needing a nappy change to needing the potty,  and you’ll learn how to build on that progress over the following days and weeks to support your child to attain complete potty independence.

This course is for you if you are thinking about starting potty training or you are not sure when to begin or if your child is just starting to show an interest in using the potty albeit it as a hat or some other imaginary toy.

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