What you’ll learn

  • All EVM (Earned Value Method) estimating formulas
  • How to solve the PMP Certification Exercises
  • Easily Learn PMP Math: Detailed PMP Math Explanations
  • Learn all the essentials of Project Management
  • Critical Path Method and Gantt Chart explanations


If you are an engineer who wants to become a scheduler, planner, project controller or simply you want to get the PMP certification, this is a practical course where I explain step by step how to solve by hand the exercises regarding the Earned Value Method Analysis and the Critical Path Method.

The examples are taken from a real assessment recruiting procedure belonging to a big European Construction Company who was looking for a planning manager able to master the use of these two fundmentals Project Management concepts: the Earned Value Method and the Critical Path Method.

The first example regards the description of the Critical Path Method, with the calculation of the Total Float. The second exercise regards the Earned Value Method, with the calculation of the KPI’s of the project (CPI, CV, SPI, SV) and the EAC.

At the end of this course you will be able to understand what a baseline represents, what a budget at completion means, if your project is behind or ahead of schedule, if you are saving money or not.

My lectures are delivered in a friendly, simple, and easy to understand manner.

You will have fun learning the concepts because I have kept the lectures to be as light, easy, and painless to understand.

All important concepts have been covered through individual videos so you can simply jump to the topic that you want to learn.

You will get to learn all PMP Math concepts through separate videos with sample questions that explain the concepts in detail from the exam perspective.

By learning all the essential concepts, you will learn to manage projects like a professional PM.

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