What you’ll learn

  • Powerful tips to start professional life with right mindset and confidence.
  • Know importance of individual and professional values and find out your own.
  • Figure out your behavioral patterns and what you may need change to be able to fit in and grow in work environment.
  • Learn about Growth mindset and how it can help you grow professionally as well as in personal life.
  • Learn how to deal with procrastination.
  • Tips to become organized to be able to make optimum use of time and energy and achieve more results.
  • Learn to enhace email writing and managing skills to compliment professional life.
  • Techniques to relax, recharge and rejuvenate yourself on daily basis to be able to deal with the work life stress.


All of us go through various transitions at different phases of our life. With the help of coach or mentor or a teacher we can cross over this bridge and start new path or phase easily and with confidence.

Entering a work life or professional life is also one of important transitions. And even though it is indeed exciting, it is challenging as well. However if one has the right mindset and readiness and openness to learn, one can overcome challenges and progress on this path. Coaching is surely helpful.

With the help of my years of experience in the professional world in various roles and life coaching skills, I help young professionals start their professional life with the right mindset and confidence. This entire course is a complete package for anyone moving from college life to professional or work life. The main course of 3 days not only helps you develop the mindset but also prepares you to give your best with realistic expectations.

The 3 bonus modules will help finetune other related skills like how to become more organized to be able to make best use of limited resources like time and energy. Another module shares very important and detailed tips on how to write emails professionally and also how to manage emails. The third bonus module shares some easy to implement yet effective tips on destress and relax. Overall this course has touched base all important aspects any young professional would need to work on.

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