What you’ll learn

  • Entry Criteria: How to Accurately Time Your Entry
  • Structures: How to Identify and Trade Counter Trend Trades
  • Structures: How to Identify and Trade Trend Following Trades
  • Structures: How to Identify and Trade Range Market Trades


I’ve been trading the Forex markets since 2004 and full time since 2010. My coaching is the result of 18 years of trading. I have made every single mistake you can possibly imagine. I have wiped out more accounts than I care to remember. I had my soul crushed, my confidence destroyed and my reason for being questioned. I’ve been through it all. This coaching is for the experienced Forex Trader who has put in some serious hours to make trading work for them, who has sacrificed family time, spent late nights and early mornings in front of the screen, yet still are not showing consistency.

Lack of clarity, and not self-discipline issues or trading psychology, is the biggest reason why traders spin their wheels for years on end without making any real progress.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by “lack of clarity”.

I don’t really speak in terms of “pips”, I prefer to speak in terms of percentage risk vs. percentage gain, but for this example, I’ll use pips.

Let’s say for example, you have a 20 pip stop loss and a 40 pip take profit target on a trade you just entered. The trade moves 32 pips into your favor. It’s nearly there, but it starts to stall and range for a short while before it starts to retrace a little bit to only 27 pips in profit, then 25 pips, then 23.

What do you do?

Do you move your stop loss to breakeven? Do you just close the trade? Do you leave the trade open and let it play out?

All these thoughts are running through your mind, yet your decision making seems to be paralyzed. You’re just not sure what to do. It is in these moments where you will typically watch a profitable trade go all the way back into a loss, and then wonder why you didn’t just close the trade. You then wrongly come to the conclusion that you need to work on your trading psychology.

The scenario I just described, is what I call a “grey area”. A “grey area” is an area where you are not 100% sure what exactly you’re supposed to be doing in a specific situation.

It is in these “grey areas” where you will mess up.

Grey areas can exist in all three elements of trading. The identifying of opportunities, your actual entry point, and then your take profit.

To trade successfully, you need a proper, fully developed strategy that leaves no stone unturned. You need a strategy that covers every single scenario you can possibly imagine.

You need to know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at all times.

No guesswork.

In this course, I cover all the structures and situations the market can possibly throw at you.

At the end of the course, you will know exactly what to do at all times. You will know how to differentiate between high quality and low-quality trading opportunities. You will know with absolute clarity when exactly you need to enter a trade, as well as how exactly to manage the trade once you’re in the trade.

With this strategy, you will feel in full control over your trading.

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