What you’ll learn

  • Understand the skills and concepts your child will need upon entering kindergarten
  • Know why these skills are important and how they impact future academic success
  • Make small changes to your family routine to help teach your child these skills and concepts
  • Know when and where to go for help if you have concerns about your child’s developmental progress


Teach your child everything they need to know prior to entering kindergarten. Preparing your Child for School includes 23 video lessons, two print articles and a printable checklist of skills. You will learn:

  • What the school expects your child to know BEFORE the first day of school
  • Why those skills are important to your child’s future academic success
  • Activities to use with your child that are easy, fun and won’t disrupt your busy family schedule.

Learn how to help your child enter school ready for success.

Many parents receive the first report back from the school and are surprised to learn what was expected of their child. After taking this class you will send your child to school ready to learn.

In the United States, less than half of students enter school “kindergarten ready.” We evaluated school readiness tests from around the country. You will learn what’s tested, why your child must master the skills and concepts, and activities to help them quickly learn. It’s all designed to be simple for your family, and fun for your child.

After taking this class, you will be able to help your children with their:

  • Academic and Cognitive Development
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Language Development
  • Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development

You will also learn when you should be concerned about your child’s progress, and where you can go for help.

Your instructor for this class is National Board Certified Teacher and Bluegrass Learning Senior Education Specialist Bobbie Noall. Bobbie has more than 15 years of classroom teaching experience. The class is designed for busy parents and is also beneficial for any caregiver (grandparent or babysitter) who spends large amounts of time with children from birth-5 years of age.

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