What you’ll learn

  • Master Procreate app for the Ipad
  • Understand the basis of Digital Drawing
  • Create Incredible Digital Drawings and Illustrations
  • Shading and illumination
  • Color Theory
  • Create and Edit Procreate Brushes
  • Master the Blending Modes in Procreate
  • Differences between RGB and CMYK
  • Advanced edition of Digital Drawings
  • Different types of formats – JPEG, PNG, PROCREATE, PSD, PDF, TIFF
  • Digitalize, Edit and Coloring Drawings made by hand


***** Best Seller Procreate Digital Drawing *****

Nowadays, Procreate is the most powerful tool that we have to create Digital Drawings. *Available only for iPad
This app will allow you to create incredible drawings and illustrations with professional finishings.

Winner of 2 Apple Awards:
• Apple Design Award 2013
• iPhone App of the Year 2018 (pocket version)

In the Procreate Academy Course, you are going to learn how to fully dominate the App, from the basic tools as the Brush or the Smudge, up to the most advanced setup of Layers or Blending Modes.

This is the most complete course on Procreate available, given that it has 3 main study approaches:

• Procreate App
– Basic Tools
– Advanced Functions
– Layers
– Brushes
– Edition
– Blending Modes

• Digital Drawing Fundamentals
– Raster Image vs. Vector Image
– Color Mode / Color Spaces
– Format files / .JPEG, .PNG, .PSD, .PROCREATE, .TIFF, .PDF
– Blending Modes
– Curves

• Esencial Drawing Concepts.
– Shapes
– Shades
– Color
– Textures

These topics will also give you the base for other editing tools such as Photoshop, Affinity Photos, Corel and many other softwares.

The Procreate Academy Course was created for all kinds of students. Due to that, we are going to start from the very beginning (for people with no knowledge whatsoever on Digital Drawing) and it focuses on helping you to take your illustrations to the next level.

I applied all my experience as a professor at the National University of Rosario (my hometown in Argentina) to develop a solid Study Program, that will allow you to understand all the topics in a super easy way.

Furthermore, we have the original course dubbed from Spanish to English by a well-known translation firm, and, hence, we make it easier for you to understand every lesson.

About Procreate Academy
• Over 12 hours of video lessons.
• Practical Exercises.
• Life-time access.
• Certificate of Completion.
• 30-day Refund Guarantee.
• Additional resources (Procreate Brushes, Color Swatches, and more)

About the Instructor:
• 6 years as a professor at the National University of Rosario, Argentina.
• 4 times Best Selling Instructor on Udemy
• Over 5.1000 reviews in Udemy
• Rated as 4.7 stars by my students
• Over 76.990 students learn with me in Udemy.

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