What you’ll learn

  • Master the skills to understand true telephone etiquette.
  • Learn what is required as a professional receptionist role with the breakdown of duties.
  • Master the correct speech, grammar, expression & voice inflection when on the telephone and face to face.
  • Get into the mindset to become the ultimate receptionist.
  • Present yourself with how to dress, sit and carry yourself professionally for success.
  • Learn how to handle a variety of different behaviours when on reception.
  • Practice what you have learnt with step by step exercises after each module.
  • Gain the confidence on how to multi-task a busy day.
  • Understand the technical side of your voice and how to use it.
  • Support with finding work in this field no matter where you are in the world.


Have you ever wanted to work in reception?

Are you someone that longs to grace the reception desk of a prestigious company?

Maybe you would like to start in reception and proceed up the corporate ladder?

Are you in a position where you would like to earn more money and feel this is your time to shine?

If you are looking to find work in this field The London Reception Academy will support you with your learning.

If you already work as a receptionist, then this course is designed to support you with learning from the ground up as we believe it is never too late to polish your skills and be recognised for something bigger.

My name is Sun Moritz and I am head of The London Reception Academy. I was lucky enough to start my corporate career in reception. The experience gave me many transferable skills and before I realised, I was head receptionist for a marketing company. I acquired all the tricks of the trade and my new found confidence helped me secure more exciting roles further in my career.

I have always felt passionate about being a receptionist since starting my career at the age of 17 for a very large company. Everyone knew who I was and so much was relied upon me being at my best!

Here I will teach you many skills required to master the role of a receptionist including the following:

1. Speaking in the correct way.

2. Presenting yourself on reception.

3. How to present an air of confidence to those around you.

4. Handling conflict when on the phone and face to face.

5. Building trust quickly with a difficult person.

6. Managing different behaviours.

7. Sharpening your listening skills.

8. Mastering attention to detail.

9. Learning how to spin many plates by becoming efficient whilst maintaining a calm composure.

10. Supporting you through a number of exercises giving you clarity of what’s required in the role.

Most importantly, it is key to enjoy the process yet maintain a professional demeanour when placed at front of house reception. From acorns grow oak trees and reception may only be the start for you. A receptionist is such a vital role in any organisation so ensure you have your notebook, an open mind, a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed!

See you in class!!

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