What you’ll learn

  • Think critically in a professional manner, using simple tools and methods used by special operations and intelligence community
  • Work effectively with all types of information in a volatile and ambigious informational environment
  • Solve strategic and operational problem using proven team-based techniques, proven to give positve results in special operations community
  • Analyze data and information using simple yet effective tools used by international intelligence community
  • How to communicate with your team the way that special operations intelligence communicates
  • Visualize critical information using tools used by special operations intelligence for better effectiveness of your work
  • Use your intellect more consciously and deliberately when working with information
  • Discover the unknown unknowns
  • The history and development of the human intellect and critical thinking


The PROthinker® course is a unique compilation of key information and practical tools regarding a comprehensive work with all types of data/information – in the professional world and in personal life. In addition to solid knowledge about the human mind, cognitive processes and ways to work effectively in a complex informational environment, the PROthinker® course also presents practical critical thinking tools used by elite special operations units and intelligence services around the world, as well as current standards and techniques for working with information. Since November 27th 2022, this course also features a bonus part 6 “OSINT: a PRO’s guide on basic tools and recommended starting points”.

With this course:

FIRST: You will get to know your most valuable professional tool: your mind. You will learn what evolutionary processes and events have shaped your mind and how. You will find out what cognitive processes take place in your mind, when, under what circumstances and is it good or bad? You will learn the most important thing: SO WHAT? What does this mean for you and what to do about it, if you want to use your mind most effectively for working with information.

SECOND: You will learn true, professional critical thinking – you will acquire the knowledge and up-to-date theoretical principles, but what is equally important: you will get real, practical tools, i.e. HOW IT IS DONE IN SPECIAL OPERATIONS PRACTICE. How problems are worked through, how solutions are worked out, how new directions of action are set.

THIRD: You will learn and understand multiple current standards and methods of intellectual work, used in elite special units and intelligence services – not covered by the confidentiality clause; You will learn how to analyze the source of information, how information itself is checked on quality and how to decide which information should be dealt with at all.


· You will be a more valuable member of any team and a keen observer;

· You will know how to mitigate cognitive biases;

· If you are a business leader – you will have more time for problems waiting around the next corner, and your people will be calmer, more creative and autonomous in solving problems and coming up with effective concepts;

· You will gain an intellectual advantage over others in almost every meeting;

· You will be able to better evaluate and analyze information – and more importantly – on this basis, take BETTER ACTION and achieve BETTER RESULTS;

· You will become more effective in solving problems;

· You will make better decisions than before – and you will have PEACE OF MIND that you did everything to make sure it was the best possible decision. And peace of mind is important for any leader or entrepreneur. We know how much responsibility weighs.;

· You will be more resistant to fake news.

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