What you’ll learn

  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Creating a Psychic Shield
  • Creating Powerful Talismans with the Help of Spirits
  • Purifying and Strengthening Your Aura and Energy Body
  • Candle Magic for Protection from Evil Forces
  • Working with Spirits for Protection
  • Binding and Unbinding Spells
  • Herbal Magic
  • Getting Creative with Psychic Shielding
  • Charging Amulets for Protection


{Comes with Magick & Witchcraft Academy e-Certificate of completion}

In this practical course on Psychic Self-Defense and Protection Magick, you will be taken, step-by-step, through a curriculum filled with all the crucial elements for effective protection magick. We will go from practicing energy work to creating protective shields, cleansing and banishing, all the way up to casting spells for protection magick, along with creating magical protection oil and charging talismans.

This course is beginner friendly and doesn’t require previous experience in protection magick.

This course is here to help you learn how to protect your energy and your space from unwanted energies, and keeping them free from negative influences. You will create your own customized psychic tool kit that will keep your energy protected and will help you gain confidence in using protective and defensive magick.

In this course, you will learn how to:

* Identify psychic attack through pendulum divination.

* Practice effective cleansing methods for you and your space.

* Perform banishings to help restore harmony and balance to the environment around you.

* Practice energy work in order to balance out and seal up your aura.

* Practice shielding and learn how to program your shield.

* Combine gestures with formulas to construct shields more quickly.

* Learn alternate ways of shielding through various creative ideas.

* Work with spirits by giving them offerings in order to thank them for protection granted and received.

By applying the skills in this course, you will become fully capable and conversant when it comes to performing protection magick so that you can even come up with your own techniques that suit your own specific and unique life situations!

Enjoy this course on energetic protection and magickal self-defense and use universal laws in your favor rather than being subject to them!

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