What you’ll learn

  • Data Exploration & Manipulation using Python
  • Pandas Library
  • Data Analysis in Dataframe
  • Data Structures
  • Data Relationships
  • Functions
  • Working with Dates and Times Values
  • Series
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples
  • Lists
  • …..and a lot more


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Python is the fastest growing Data Analytics Programming Languages. This course takes you from knowing nothing about Python to becoming an expert analyzing data in Python. You will also learn about standard Python which is relevant for anyone who needs to know Python for other purposes like Web Development, Software Development e.t.c.

Knowing Python is incredibly important if you are looking into a career in any data related field.

This course is designed to equip you with what you need to be successful learning Python:

  • Hands-on code along structure.
  • Work on multiple projects.
  • Lots of practice exercises and task which solidifies your knowledge of each lessons.
  • Quizzes on sections covered.
  • Replicate real life scenarios and coding in Jupyter Notebook.


Looking to work with data personally or professionally?

Starting or transitioning into a career as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Report Analyst, ETL Specialist, BI Consultant, Data Engineer, or any data related field? Then you need to learn Python.

Also, if you are going into the field of Web Application & Internet development, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Web Testing; it is imperative that you learn Python.

Course Requirement or Prerequisites

This course does not require any prior knowledge or specific academic background. The only requirement is having a laptop or desktop computer. All applications necessary for learning the course would be downloaded free from the internet.

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