What you’ll learn

  • Just Basic python required for data science and how to apply them in data science (Teaching Data science and ML is not the objective of this course)
  • Introduction to data science to give you a flavor simple linear regression is used
  • Python popular libraries including Numpy , Pandas and Matplotlib
  • How to prepare the data for data science and how to develop a basic prediction model.
  • This course is a combination of basic python required for data science and how to apply them in data science project environment
  • Data Science and ML is not the objective of this course , those concepts are just used for basic understanding


This course focuses on two things. First thing is to get you up to speed with understanding of  python required to jet start your data science journey. Python is an object oriented programing language and used extensively in the field of data science. The objective in this course is not master python programing but to understand what is required for your journey in machine learning and master that bit. Secondly ,  building a strong foundation of statistics required for the participants who aspires to become a data scientist or a Machine learning practitioner. This MUST NEED skill set will enable every participants to begin their smooth journey to Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence. This course focuses on maintaining an optimal balance of statistics , python programming for Data science  and core ML algorithms. The course begins with a complete demonstration of how to download and secure all the essential software required for this course and provides rationale for using such software. After helping you secure  necessary software required for the course ,  the course progresses to build your understanding and brush up your memory on basic statistics required  to make you comfortable with Advanced analytics. Once you are comfortable with it , instructor will spend sufficient time to train you on  python programming at the right level  for you to jet start your journey  with Data Science and Machine learning analytics.

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