What you’ll learn

  • Develop a complete React JS front-end application
  • Develop a data-driven web application
  • Solve programming logic problems with React JS
  • Understand the necessary steps to solve problems with React JS


This course will provide a series of nine classes in which all basic ReactJS concepts will be explored with one goal in mind: to re-create a project that has been shown in the very beginning of the course. The students will be able to engage in an purpose-driven learning process with fast yet understandable classes guided by a practical project which should make students aim at an attainable yet exciting goal. The course will not require any previous knowledge either of HTML, CSS or Javascript, even though some programming experience and familiarity with things such as functions and return values would be welcome, they are not utterly necessary for the undertaking of the classes and its utmost grasping. The classes will be delivered in a structured way, providing ease of reusability in any situation in which it might prove necessary. The course takes theory and practice hand in hand and applies them together from the very beggining, with challenges along the way which will greatly increase the engagement of the student with the course and its overall understanding and grasping. One who is to enroll this course should expect a basic understanding of the most important and essential React JS rules and concepts as to in the end of it be able to think about React JS, reason with its tools and think about solutions for new problems. Of course such ability does not come within three hours of classes, but the tools are given and the table is set for the formation of a truly capable developer when added to his/her own experience.

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