What you’ll learn

  • Show confidence when speaking with others
  • Signs of shyness, self-doubt, nervousness
  • 3 ways to use voice to project confidence
  • Analyze your emotions of shyness and self-doubt
  • Verbal and Non-verbal body language
  • Eye-contact: 3 tips to use it effectively while talking
  • Advanced methods of body langauge
  • Have the ability to interpret the body language of other people
  • Body Language and the context around it


Why to learn Body Language?

Body Language is the first thing everyone notices about you. Whether it be through your dress, eye-contact, speaking methods or any other way. When you meet someone new, they judge you instantly. Whether you like it or not, this is how the world works. People will see the words you speak, the way you walk, the way you use your hands, the way you stand. These all things are included in body language.

When you have learnt body language, you can interpret and analyze what other people are saying even with out letting them know. Your confidence will increase because you can now understand yourself and then understand others as well.

Once you start learning body language, you will observe an instant change in your personality. It will be the confidence, charisma, action words, the way to walk and talk, the way you stand around people. This is a powerful skill in personal as well business life.

What will the students be able to achieve after doing this body language course?

  • You will learn how to be a supportive, attentive listener
  • You will learn how to use body language of eyes to show confidence
  • You will learn how to use body language of hands to command respect
  • You will learn the body language is about context and not defined by any rules
  • You will learn how to use body language of voice to show your leadership skills
  • You will learn from the examples of the people who have mastered body language
  • You will learn some methods to analyze others and observe their moods, and emotions
  • You will be able to use your hands, eyes, voice to show self-confidence and self-esteem
  • You will become aware of the moments when you are shy, nervous, and having self-doubt

If you want to develop confident body language not just in your personal life, understand yourself better and analyze others as well then this course is for you.

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