What you’ll learn

  • Happiness studies show relationships are the single most important factor that dictates happiness, so this course is the ultimate guide to how to find happiness
  • Master the art of creating a loving relationship.
  • Fix your broken connection
  • Discover the 7 major reasons why relationships fail, and how to avoid them. If your relationship is floundering you are engaging in at least some of these.
  • Learn the critical self mastery that will make you an awesome partner and keep your relationship alive and well.
  • Learn the 6 secrets for communicating, including why you are most likely communicating too much at the wrong time.
  • Discover 6 major tools that will ensure your relationship thrives and how to master them. Getting these right will dramatically help with relationship happiness
  • Develop a big picture for your relationship that will guide the actions, communication and feelings withing your parntership.


The longest running study on happiness conducted by Harvard over almost 80 years has conclusively proven that there that the single most powerful determinant of long term happiness is the quality of your relationships. You would think it would be natural and easy to have a great romantic relationship, just find the right person and live the fairytale. And yet….

The truth is, relationships do take work, and though we all know that vague truth, nobody taught us what that work is or how to get good at it.

This course does exactly that.

Without that knowledge, we get into unnecessary conflict, we struggle to feel the love, we try to change each other, we can feel scared, lost, rejected and alone.

With this course you will learn how to communicate properly, and it is the opposite of what you would expect. How to listen, what to avoid and what to do to create an awesome happy relationship, but even more importantly than that it will show you the most important, true work of self mastery, that will allow you to be really truly happy in your relationships.

So if you have found out that the fairy tale is not “all that!” and are ready to do what it takes to be awesome at relationships and by extension, happiness, this course if for you.

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