What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basics of Lua and how to effectively use it
  • Understand the conception of client & server abilities and limitations
  • Program systems for live ROBLOX Servers
  • What is the Roblox API and how to learn to read it and use it effectively


Welcome to this new Updated Roblox Game Development for 2023.

Here you will learn the basics of ROBLOX Lua Scripting

Roblox scripting can seem hard at first, but that is only if you never took a proper time to investigate the code. Here I’ll teach you how Roblox LUA code works, and how you can write your own code to make your games.

A little bit about me…

I was once a beginner Roblox developer just like you. It took me many years of practice to come to this strong point. I decided to share my best knowledge here for  new & upcoming developers to take and learn. I hope you’re ready to become the next gen of game developers!

In this course, we will see:

  • The requirements for Roblox LUA scripting
  • How to setup Roblox Studio for our work
  • The absolute basics of all programming, including:
    • What are variables
    • The use of the “nil” object
    • While and For loops
    • Complete If statements explanations
    • The different usages of functions
  • Roblox specialized Lua code segments and globals
  • Roblox events system
  • How to use the code to make a full game
  • How to read the official Roblox developer’s Wiki
  • How to make your first good amount of Robux

At the end of this course, there is a big practicing project that will summarize what we learned through the course. The game we will do contains many things, from game systems to gamepasses so that you can start making Robux right away.

I strongly recommend you to finish the class at 100%. Finishing the course will make sure you got everything well understood.

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