What you’ll learn

  • Learn project development using Arduino IDE
  • Learn Arduino Programming
  • How to run Buzzers, LED, and LCD Display
  • Learn the basics of robotics, electronics, and programming


The term ‘Robot’ is derived from the Czech word ‘ Robota’ which means ‘ forced labour’. The science of robotics only came about in the 20th century, but the first instances of mechanical device-built dates back to Egypt in 3000 B.C. Egyptian water clocks utilized human figurines to strike the hour bells. Robotics has come a long way; the expansion and advancement are radical and include machines capable of assembling other machines and even robots which could be mistaken for human beings. Robotics is the amalgamation or intersection of science, engineering and technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Today robotics is a very diverse field that has applications in every field from industry, manufacturing, laboratory work, or military, even to home automation.

To master Robotics, you will have to learn coding and programming. Right from comprehending the knowledge of building electronic circuits to programming basics, data types, conditionals, loops, and functions to understanding the working of different components.

Sounds too complicated. But it’s really simple. People from any age group could learn this skill and become an expert. Want to learn Robotics? Join the Mittsure Robotics course now!

Mittsure offers an online learning Robotics course. Online learning is the new trend and now you can join the Mittsure family from the comfort of your home.

Now you can also become the person who can build programming and electronic circuits from scratch and open your doors to a whole new world of Robotics to explore.

About The Course

You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of Robotics, as this course is designed for absolute beginners.

Register with us today to bring out the science whiz in you!

The course is divided into 30 short sessions. Though this is an online course, the course content is available in the form of videos, and this can be accessed anytime. People might lose interest after a few minutes; hence, the length of the videos is short for making learning fun.

Not only this, but you can also register for our live classes for a peer learning experience. Ask questions and clarify your doubts in the presence of a trainer.

So, are you ready to build, code, and tinker with robotics and train your brain muscles to enhance your skills?

To become a robotics expert, visit the Mittsure Robotics course available on the website.

Register now on the website and start your journey to becoming a Robotics wizard!

About the Trainer

Robotics has been a passion and profession for Vishal Singh Bais, the trainer for Mittsure’s Robotics course. Vishal is a self-motivated individual who is passionate about all things robotics.

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