What you’ll learn

  • Stage 0 – Fitting the right Thrive Rocket engines of Fight, Friends and F(ph)one
  • Stage 1 – Dependence on God for Wholeness, Teamwork / Service and Discipleship
  • Stage 2 – Interdependent relationships with family and friends by Support, Mentorship and Responsibility
  • Stage 3 – Independent of parents and state through Budgeting, Work and Accommodation
  • Stage 4 – Thriving through Reading and Mentoring others


This course exists for any young adult feeling; frustrated, forgotten, lonely, angry, hurting, exhausted, bored, depressed, hopeless, defeated… And lacking; knowledge, skills, experience, confidence, finances, direction, purpose, passion…

It does so by helping you to launch, fuel, charter, pilot and land your Thrive Rocket, on Planet Maturity! Planet Maturity’s 5 moons define the outcomes associated with living here, and originates from…

Moon 1

  1. I know who my real enemy is (& how to defeat him)
  2. I know who my real friends are (and how to keep them)
  3. I know what to actually use my phone for!

Moon 2

  1. My journey to emotional & spiritual wholeness has begun…
  2. I am part of an Astronaut’s in training group, and serving others
  3. I am learning how to build my spiritual home

Moon 3

  1. I am learning how to develop & lead myself
  2. I’ve learnt 2 brand new life skills
  3. I have applied for S2T mentorship

Moon 4

  1. I have a S2T mentor, goals and tasks
  2. My time and money is being well managed
  3. I am current completing a online short course

Moon 5

  1. I have my own digital library, starting with the 5 books I’ve read
  2. I am in the process of becoming a S2T mentor

So, if you’re ready to know your true identity, find your real purpose, and achieve everlasting success, this course is for you!

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