What you’ll learn

  • SAP Production Planning Configuration
  • SAP Implementation Guide (IMG)
  • Customizing Paths
  • Configuration concepts used in business processes


Goals of this Course (PP Configuration):

This course provide you with the step-by-step approach to configure & implement Production Planning Module. This course will lay the initial foundation in the form of configuration, & will then explain how the configuration impacts actual business processes. The configuration to business process approach is maintained throughout the live course.

Whether you’re working on an Production Planning (PP) implementation, upgrade, or optimization project, this comprehensive guide will provide you all the details necessary to bring your plant maintenance system to life. Learn how to configure PP to support planning and execution processes for production planning measures. Project team leads and key users will benefit from step-by-step configurations and best practices, and will learn how to avoid common obstacles.

Highlights: * Order handling * Customizing * Discrete Manufacturing* *Process Manufacturing* *Digital Signature*Mapping: orders and functions*  *Master Data* *Sales and Operations Planning* *Demand Management* *Material Requirement Planning* *Capacity Requirement Planning* *Scheduling*

*Learn how to configure SAP PP for production planning processes
*Work with the structures, messages, routing, master recipe, BOM, and special processes in production planning
*Find tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to implement your own production planning (PP) project

This course gives a lot of advice about configuration to a project team member or responsible person working in implementation/support projects for an SAP production planning (PP).

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