What you’ll learn

  • Understand the Basics of Investing
  • Understand the concept of assets annd liabilities
  • Where can you invest? Different asset classes
  • Advantages and limitations of different asset classes


Every individual likes to keep some money aside for future needs. We know we should invest, but the question is, where to invest? Without knowing much about the different avenues of investment, the money is often parked at places, where it does not prove to be useful enough to fulfil timely needs of the individual. With a lot of misinformation given by non-professionals, the individual gets misled and puts his money at places, that do not suit his individual needs. This course will enlighten you about different asset classes, their strengths, their limitations, depending on your needs, where should you put money, etc. Real estate was once a darling of investors. However, changing government rules have made it not so lucrative avenue for investment, especially in the regions where the interest rates and taxes are higher. Stocks are a very good avenue of investment, but they have their own risks. Investing in the stock market without sufficient knowledge can harm your financial health. Mutual fund is another popular avenue. Unfortunately, if we consider the global scenario, majority of the mutual funds fail to beat even their own indices. Many individuals are not aware of this fact. In this course we have discussed different asset classes such as Bonds, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bank Deposits, Bullion (Precious metals), other investment avenues, etc. so as to enable you to take wise investment decisions.

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