What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to write Python programming language
  • Learn how to write automation scripts using Selenium WebDriver with the Python programming language
  • Implement Python Test Automation Frameworks from Scratch with all latest Technologies
  • Improve your confidence during software Test Automation job interviews


Selenium WebDriver automation testing course is created for Manual Software Testers, who wants to learn automation testing skill from scratch with Selenium WebDriver using Python.

At the end of this course, you will learn:

  • Complete Python Programming Language
  • Selenium WebDriver Automation with PyTest framework
  • Execute Selenium tests in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers
  • GitHub and Git bash
  • Jenkins and CI/CD Pipeline

And most importantly, At the end of this course you would be able to create automation scripts in python language with selenium webdriver along with that you would be also able to design framework and Jenkins with CI/CD pipeline

You will learn the entire process.
Each step is explained in detail from the WebDriver setup to running your first automated selenium test.

No prior knowledge of programming, selenium webdriver, python, or automation is required.

This course is designed specifically for the beginners in test automation and Selenium WebDriver. We would cover from the basic of Python and should be enough for complete beginners to start. So even if you’ve never programmed before, you can learn how to do test automation with Selenium WebDriver in this course.

Why should you learn Selenium WebDriver test automation?

More and more Software QA (Quality Assurance) positions require test automation skills. In many cases, Selenium WebDriver is the preferred tool. So it’s important to be able to automate at least simple tests with Selenium. And Python is one of the most popular & beginner-friendly languages to write tests with Selenium WebDriver.

Why Python Programming Language?

Python Programming Language is the fastest growing programming language within both the fields, development, and testing. QA industry is rapidly progressing to move on with Python Programming Language for all the automation needs because of the flexibility it offers.

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to move from manual testing to test automation
  • Programmers who wants to save time testing code
  • Software developers who want to learn Selenium WebDrivers
  • Programmers who want a highly valuable skill

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