What you’ll learn

  • Why To go for Selenium
  • Comparison of Selenium with other tools
  • To learn Automation
  • To learn Python programming required for testing purpose


This course coveres installation of selenium, pyhon, pycharm and how automation occurs for any website while searching anything or performing any task on website..

Following topics are covered in this course

1. Introduction of python and selenium

2. Installation of python

3. Installation of pycharm

4. Installation of selenium

5. Get chrome browser

6. Search on chome browser

7. Get driver manager


What is Selenium?

Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the simplest framework in the Selenium suite. It is a browser plugin to record and playback the operations performed on the browser. Selenium IDE plugins are available for Chrome and Firefox browsers. It doesn’t support the programming features. Selenese is the language which is used to write test scripts in Selenium IDE.

Benefits of Selenium IDE

  1. Very use to use and install
  2. Has built-in test results reporting module
  3. No programming experience is required
  4. It is used to create and execute Test cases using Firefox or Chrome browsers
  5. The user can easily record the Test scripts
  6. The user can edit the Test scripts
  7. The user can create Test Suites.

Drawbacks of Selenium IDE

  1. It doesn’t support iteration statements
  2. No support for conditional statements
  3. It doesn’t support error handling
  4. It does not support Database testing
  5. Available only in Firefox and Chrome
  6. It doesn’t generate a detailed Test Reports summary.

Selenium RC

Selenium RC is a testing tool used for web applications testing. It supports programming using RC. Using RC, we can test out applications in multiple browsers and also in multiple operating systems.

Selenium RC has complex architecture hence slow in automation test execution. In Selenium RC, we need to launch a separate application called Selenium RC Server before we can start testing. Selenium RC server acts as a middleman between selenium commands and your browser. Selenium RC has been officially deprecated, you should use WebDriver or IDE to test your web applications.


  1. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  2. Selenium RC (Remote Control) – deprecated now
  3. Selenium WebDriver
  4. Selenium Grid

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a web application testing tool introduced by eliminating the drawbacks of IDE and RC. It is simple in architecture and also easy to understand and use.

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