What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to sell a script to producers, directors, and production companies.
  • Get your finished screenplay to buyers.
  • Find Producers, Directors, Production Companies, Agents, and Managers who are interested in your script.
  • Land meetings and talk with producers, directors, agents, and managers.


This screenwriting course focuses on selling and making money from scripts and will show you how to sell your screenplay. We’ll go through all the steps, from finding people in the entertainment industry and production companies who can help get your script produced to reviewing and signing contracts and getting paid for your writing.

With today’s technology, it doesn’t matter anymore if you live in Los Angeles or a different city in the US, or even a different country. This course will show you how you can sell a script and be a screenwriter from anywhere.

If you have a finished script, and you want to sell it and market it to Producers, Directors, Production Companies, Agents, and Managers, and make money from your script, then this is the course for you.

Each lesson will go over these:

How to Find Producers, Directors, Production Companies, Agents, and Managers

How to Contact Buyer and how to say and do all the right things so your script keeps moving forward.

  • Screenwriting Services that you could use to reach out to producers.
  • How to Follow-up with buyers and the results to expect after they read your script.
  • How to be good in Meetings and Make a Good First Impression.
  • Signing and reviewing your contract and what to expect after you get paid.

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