What you’ll learn

  • How to do long tail keyword research for Free
  • SEO Ranking techniques that will improve your website ranking in google search engines
  • Track your google impressions through google search console
  • SEO Ranking strategies that will attract more visitors to your Website
  • How to determine the best keywords to use for your SEO Ranking Strategy
  • How to install google search console on your website
  • SEO Techniques for 2021 to outrank your competition


Search Engine Optimization is an essential skill for anyone who is serious about their online business.

This course is designed for complete beginners who would like to learn search engine optimization. Learn how to get more traffic to your website and blog using these basic seo techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website for a search engine’s ranking. This course is designed for complete beginners who would like to learn search engine optimization.

I will walk you through step by step on how you can get your new website in the google search listing.

At the end of this class, you will know how to:

· Get more traffic to your website,

· Get more impressions in google for your website listing,

· Boost your google ranking like an SEO expert using FREE SEO tools,

· Use google keywords tools to find valuable keywords,

· Optimize your Title Tag for SEO

· Optimize your Meta Description for SEO

· Optimize your on-page content with valuable SEO keywords.

Here is a Testimony from one student:
The instructor did a very good job of explaining everything, so it was very understandable. The questions were very helpful.

Bill Brooks

This is not a course promising you overnight rankings or promising you to rank on page #1 of Google, but what I can tell you is this.

I have been using these SEO tips and SEO Strategy that I am going to teach you in this course and my websites have skyrocketed in the Google Search Engine Rankings.

24/7 Question and Answer section

See, the cool thing about taking this course is it does not limit you to learning from the videos only. I will also be active in answering questions you may have regarding the course in our 24/7 discussion section.

Our Personal Guarantee:
If you have no experience and you are a complete beginner to Search Engine Optimization, we guarantee you will learn how to optimize your website for the google search engine after completing this course.

Act Now and start Outranking Your competition!!

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