What you’ll learn

  • Tried and true healthy, EFFECTIVE sleep training techniques that actually work for your baby!
  • From disruptive, stressful sleep patterns to peaceful, independent sleep in 1 WEEK
  • All your sleep training questions ANSWERED
  • Tips and tricks for any difficult sleep scenario that you’re facing
  • Step-by-step guide


Are you a sleep-deprived zombie parent? I was too!! Getting my baby to sleep through the night and develop independent sleep patterns wasn’t something I learned prior to becoming a parent – but I finally realized how important that became when nights turned long and stressful and both my baby and I were at our whits end for sleep.


  • The exact method we used with our daughter to sleep train her from 5 weeks old
  • My exact step-by-step easy instructions on how to implement healthy sleep training
  • Guidelines and recommendations for sleep training your child at ANY AGE (it’s not too late to start!)
  • Tips for different scenarios like night wake ups and traveling
  • Napping figured out for you!
  • How to deal with fussy nights and crying
  • Detailed explanation on wake windows and sleep schedules
  • How to set up your child’s room properly for independent sleep
  • Words of encouragement

The key to your little one sleeping soundly and peacefully as well as you not dreading nap time and night time anymore. In this course I teach you what we did EXACTLY to help our daughter learn to fall asleep and stay asleep on her own without the STRESS!! Please take this course if you are struggling right now. I promise you it will help.

After I found out the secret to sleep training: my baby goes down awake, falls asleep on her own, sleeps through the night and wakes up refreshed – ALONG WITH ME!! It’s truly something that changed our lives. My partner and I have our bed back, and our sleep has never been better.

This course was designed by a mom, for moms (and dads) who are feeling the exhaustion of a cranky-sleep deprived baby. Let’s get back to a good night’s sleep 🙂

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