What you’ll learn

  • Overview of signalling and signalling system
  • SS7 architecture: SP, STPs, Links, Link Sets, Routes and Route Sets
  • Message Transfer Part (MTP) levels 1, 2 and 3
  • The ISDN User Part call control and supplementary services
  • Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) functions and services
  • Transaction Capabilities (TCAP) protocol stack and usage scenarios
  • SS7 applications in Intelligent Networks and Mobile Networks
  • SIGTRAN Networks
  • SIGTRAN protocols


Originally designed for TDM based transport, SS7 is the foundation of signalling within PSTN and PLMN networks. This course will catalogue the operation of SS7, both from an architectural and procedural perspective. Key focus will be placed on the operation of the MTP lower layers, as well as analysis of SCCP and ISUP. In addition, this course will also focus on the transport of SS7 across IP based transport networks. As part of this, the Sigtran User Adaptation layers will be examined, as well as the operation of SCTP.

SS7 is a key element in the control plane of fixed and mobile networks and in Intelligent Network scenarios. It facilitates communication between SS7 hosted ‘applications’ enabling end-to-end service delivery. This course provides a comprehensive description of SS7 protocols, functions and procedures.

The drive towards all-IP networking necessitates the transport of SS7 protocols over an IP domain. This course provides a thorough explanation of how this is achieved using the SIGTRAN ‘toolkit’.

Why to take the Course

Enroll in the course if you need a detailed understanding of the implementation and functions of SS7.

Enroll now if you need understanding of the need for SS7 and the solutions available for transporting SS7 signalling over IP-based networks.

Course Support

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In This course we are not talking about a specific vendor Solution, But we are talking about Packet Core standards.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

An understanding of the PSTN architecture and circuit- and packet-switched concepts

Link description