What you’ll learn

  • Familiarize the participants with the concept of chakras and healing with energy.
  • Be able to identify blockages in chakras through behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and illnesses.
  • Be able to unblock and heal our chakras through ancient and specific techniques.
  • Be able to envision your role in the universe as a light worker and be able to walk your path and achieve your mission and purpose.


((As a result of the Stairway to heaven program, people who are struggling with some of the 12 realms of life like Health, Money, Career, Love, and relationship would be able to live a balanced life full of peace, joy, and abundance, I am searching for individuals or groups who are looking to improve their wellbeing in all 12 realms of their lives.

Whom do you know who would like to thrive and live an abundant life and enjoy every moment?))

Neuroscience tells us that our approach to life is the result of early on programming fed to us by our families and the communities we live in, we shape our personalities based on the feedback we set from the outside world and live in a state of robotic because we are not living our essence (Inner Buddha).

Physics tells us that everything in the universe is made of energy. Since ancient times the concept that energy flowing in our bodies through centers called chakras, has been connected to longevity, health, wellness, inner peace, and oneness with all.

The duration of this program is seven weeks. Every week we will have 2 sessions, each around one hour in length.

Each session is divided into 2 segments – theoretical and practical. During the practical part, participants will be guided through guided meditation and active meditation techniques. In the theoretical segment, participants will learn about the fundamental of healing and the use of energy in modern life.

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