What you’ll learn

  • Practical tools to live daily life basis the rich Indian tradition
  • An insight into the stories from the rich Indian heritage and their spiritual significance
  • An opportunity to learn about the culture and values
  • For those already on the path of spirituality, these sessions give an opportunity to delve further and ponder on the nuances of these scriptures


The Indian culture through the magnanimous volumes of scriptures across the Vedas, Puranas and Itihasa provides a seeker the perfect opportunity to move the journey of finding the true purpose of life. A sincere seeker who has the willingness to know more about his or her self and the purpose of life can find it well embedded in these scriptures.

What’s more, these scriptures have been put together in the form of stories, to make it simple and interesting, but still have a deep coded message hidden deep within. As we repeatedly go through these scriptures, a new dimension opens up, like decoding a code or peeling a layer of the onion.

Through my limited knowledge and the learnings from my Guru, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, I have made a humble attempt to put across these in a video format to assist the listener decode some of the hidden secrets. While these modules provide only one of the possible interpretations, I would encourage you to explore these through your life experience as well.

Lastly, the stories may vary from source to source and hence the version here may have some difference from what we may have read or seen elsewhere.

I offer these at the holy feet of the Gurus of past present and future and may we all grow in eternal wisdom through the Grace.

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