What you’ll learn

  • Recognize the difference between a good subject line and poor subject line for getting desired response from an e-mail message.
  • Discover how to develop a message that has a structure that begets the desired actions/responses/deliverables from the e-mail recipient.
  • Explore how to develop the ability to compose effective multiparty e-mails that clearly identify the responsibilities of each individual recipient
  • Recognize when to not send a multiparty e-mail due to confusion.


Join Randy Dean, MBA, and author of the recent Amazon e-mail bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, as he expands beyond e-mail processing, productivity, and efficiency into the realm of e-mail etiquette. We discuss how to make your emails get attention, actually get read, and then get acted upon. We deconstruct a good e-mail, starting with smarter subject lines that get noticed and get opened. We move into opening instructions that make the e-mail easy to understand and make action points, delegations, and deadlines clear and obvious. We cover effective body copy that helps recipients fully understand the message. And, we talk about effective closes that leave the recipient confident with next actions. Finally. we discuss how grammar still matters (yes, it does!)

We also discuss multi-party e-mails and how to help make each person’s action items and deadlines clear, assisting with team coordination. We, of course, discuss several “problem” e-mail types — those lacking clear instructions, overusing CC’s, FYI’s, and “reply alls”, emails laden with complex or emotional content, “ping-pong” e-mails (you know – those e-mails that keep bouncing around between folks) and more.

We also talk about the right way to use e-mail for critical and/or urgent communications, and how to identify and re-use successful e-mail communications and templates to increase efficiency while simultaneously enhancing communications quality.

* This course shows screen shots which may have small text as they are demonstrating real-world use of software which has font sizing we cannot change for demonstration purposes. Therefore, your experience will be best on a full screen device such as a tablet, laptop of desktop computer. We recommend that you fully upsize the screen when you view these videos.

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