What you’ll learn

  • Develop Real Confidence
  • Protect Your Personal Energy
  • Learn Skills to Handle Toxic People
  • Use Power Time Management
  • Raise Your Self-esteem
  • Feel Stronger and Better
  • Develop Your Personal Brand
  • Learn Essential Secrets of Marketing Yourself or Your Brand
  • Learn Skills That Will Gain You a Job or Get Clients


Do you want a real breakthrough to Real Confidence and high levels of True Success? Have you felt held back by Toxic People who drain your energy? This course is built from over two decades of research and work with clients and audiences that Tom Marcoux has accomplished.

Starting as a shy boy (and still working with his experiences as an introvert), Tom has studied with top mentors and has been trained in highly effective methods to communicate with confidence and ease.

You will learn methods to solve problems and gain advantages to rise in both confidence and success:

* Overcome situations in which Toxic People drain your energy

* Focus on the most important things to do by using power time management

* Overcome fear so that you make Daily Progress

* Handle your Inner Critic

* Create a personal brand that makes you attractive to more opportunities and interaction with top people

* Develop real sources of True Confidence

* Get strong and come across with confidence and charisma

Here, at last, are the Secrets that Tom Marcoux used to rise to the level of teaching MBA students at Stanford University and directing a feature film that went to the Cannes Film market. Tom earned a special award at the Emmy Awards. He demonstrates how he went from being a shy boy, shaking terribly while playing a piano for a small audience, to becoming an international speaker and author of over 50 books. Now, you have access to the Secrets so you can rise to Real Confidence and True Success.

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