What you’ll learn

  • Learners will understand the purpose and intent of Tarot.
  • Learners will understand the historical context of Tarot.
  • Learners will discuss the relationship between Tarot and Christianity.
  • Learners will define divination and identify five types of divination.
  • Learners will identify and explain two Biblical references associated with divination.
  • Learners will define occult.
  • Learners will summarize Jesus Christ’s connection to the occult.
  • Learners will verbalize the role of Arthur Edward Waite in relation to Tarot


Tarot & The Person of Jesus Christ: Tarot’s Symbiotic Relationship with Christianity is a two-part course (five lectures per course), examining the origin and history of Tarot and its relationship to Christianity and Jesus Christ. The research and literary discourse exploring the relationship between Tarot, Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ, attest that although its primary use was for gaming or gambling, Tarot was utilized by the church and used a divinatory tool. This course will cover the following topics: IntroductionTarot and the ChurchTarot and DivinationDivination in the BibleDivinationOccultism, and Jesus ChristTarot’s Interpretative Ascension, and The Major Arcana and Jesus Christ.

The Major Arcana and Jesus Christ class will explore how the twenty-two Major Arcana, through symbology, numerology, and imagery, detail the life, ministry, and manifestations of Jesus Christ as documented in the Bible. Overall, this two-part course will highlight the interconnectedness between Tarot and Jesus Christ, therefore dismantling Christianity’s counterintuitive relationship with Tarot and the person of Jesus Christ. Additionally, at the end of this two-part course, learners will understand the use of Tarot is a signpost to spiritual ascension, and to learn to decipher the motives behind the baseless attempts to create doctrine that perpetuates and propagandizes Tarot as subversive to the Gospel.

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