What you’ll learn

  • Understand the math skills and concepts your child will need to master in early elementary school.
  • Know why these skills and concepts are important for your child’s future success in mathematics.
  • Work with your child to help them build a strong foundation of math skills.


Help your child develop strong mathematics skills and reasoning ablility. Teach Your Child Math includes 21 video lessons, and printable resources including games and tools to use at home. You will learn:

  • What your child is expected to learn in early elementary school (K-2nd) math classes.
  • How these skills and concepts will impact your child’s future success with math.
  • Simple and fun activities to share with your children that will help them build strong math skills.

Help your child become a strong math student.

Many parents struggle to help their children with math. After taking this class, you will know how to help your young child build a foundation for success in mathematics. If you struggle to help your child with the work he is bringing home from school, this course will show you what to do.

Helping your children at home is critical to their success. More than 40 years of research has proven that the most accurate predictor of a child’s achievement in school is not income, the quality of the school they attend, social status or even teacher quality. It is how much family’s support learning at home, set realistic and high expectations, and become involved at school and in the community.

After taking this class you will be able to help your child:

  • Build strong math reasoning skills
  • Deeply understand math procedures and operations
  • Learn strategies they can use to solve more difficult math problems in later grades

This Bluegrass Learning course is presented by Senior Education Specialist and school teacher Bobbie Noall. The curriculum was developed by Alice Cantrell. Alice has more than 30 years of classroom teaching experience and currently works as a District-wide Math Consultant for a public school district. In this role, she coaches teachers on how to deliver effective math instruction.

The class is presented using parent friendly language, without difficult technical terms. It is designed for busy parents. It is also beneficial for anyone who spends time with early elementary school age children. Childcare workers and teachers who may want a refresher on effective math instruction would also benefit from the lessons.

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