What you’ll learn

  • Hands-on labs both Google Cloud Platform and Terraform
  • Getting started with Google Cloud Platform Services
  • Getting familiar with Terraform basics
  • Learn how to create, manage, monitor and destroy resources
  • Create Databases and Networks using Terraform in GCP
  • Learn Terraform Basic Commands with more in details


Why you need to learn Terraform and GCP?

  • As we know that Terraform is a tool for developing, changing and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. What is more, Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions. Also, Terraform is the first multi-cloud immutable infrastructure tool that was introduced to the world by HashiCorp and written in Go.
    DevOps is about culture and practices that aim at uniting development processes.
  • Another reason why you should learn Terraform is that, Terraform is a tool and has become more popular because it has a simple syntax that allows easy modularity and works against multi-cloud. One Important reason people consider Terraform is to manage their infrastructure as code.
  • In fact, Infrastructure as code is also a key and foundation for DevOps practices such as version control, code review, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. If you try to search “infrastructure-as-code” on Google, you will come up with a list of tools, and anybody will get confused to see so many options. But Terraform is one tool to consider because of its excellent features and exceptional reasons (that we have listed further in this article) when compared to other similar tools.
  • Learning Terraform with GCP is amazing journey especially if you are learning and working with Google Cloud Platform. Therefore, I created most practical comprehensive course – Terraform For Beginners using Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Learning Terraform is the best to invest your time and energy as Infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps Engineer to build Resources. This course has 9+ Hours of insanely great video content with Lots-of hands-on Lab (Most Practical Course). I am all exited to help you on your journey towards Terraform using Google Cloud Platform.


Why Enroll in this course?

  • 70% Practical’s + 30% Theory – Highly Practical course
  • Covers all major topics related to Terraform Installation, basics, Compute, Storage, Relational and NoSQL Databases, Networks,


This course focuses on GCP – Google Cloud.


This course also comes with:

  • Lifetime access to all course material & updates
  • Quizzes to test your understanding
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion

So, What are you waiting for, Enroll NOW and I will see you inside course.


Otabek Abdurahmonov

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