What you’ll learn

  • Discover HeartMath: A science-based, heart-focused meditation technique that brings about coherence between your physical, mental and emotional systems.
  • Using HeartMath to improve your health, well-being and opportunity for success.
  • Understanding the heart as an electric mechanism that can create a coherent or chaotic field. Only when we are in coherence, are we able to attract abundance.
  • Create Balance: Learn 1-minute breathing techniques that bring your heart and mind into coherence, and help you reconnect with a clear, calm, more centered you.
  • Radiate: Understand the distinction between depleting and energizing emotions. Learn techniques on how to use your emotions and states to energize you.
  • Reset: Learn who to beat the negativity around you and create positive fields that attract positive situations and outcomes.


Discover one minute hacks, backed by science to eliminate stress, have more energy and put you in the control seat, no matter what life throws your way.

The course that has changed the lives of global corporate leaders, Olympic athletes and even Beyonce’s Bey Good team is now available to you.

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or drained, this course is for you. The Anxiety Hack is a compilation of one minute breathing techniques for a clear, calm and centered you. It takes you on an easy 3-part journey through the science behind stress and anxiety and gives you simple one minute heart centered breathing techniques you can do any minute of the day that will get you feeling calm and centered everyday no matter what stress comes your way.

The Anxiety Hack will help you navigate life’s uncertain times with ease through the use of HeartMath: a science-based, heart-focused meditation technique that brings about coherence and the synchronicity of our physical, mental and emotional systems.

In this course, you will learn how to bring coherence, or ‘a state of unity’ between the brain, heart and body which will improve your overall health, well-being and opportunity for success and abundance.


“Lisa brings such a good energy to the sessions and her ability to connect is admirable! This course has a good balance between the theory and practical hacks to deal with everyday stresses… this is a gamechanger!
Mots Ehouman  Obama Global Leader, ALA board member
I am unbelievably grateful for the coaching sessions with Lisa. Last week I had a panic attack & during the attack, I was able to use the techniques, focus on my heart center and get back up feeling stronger and more in control. This insight Lisa shares is truly powerful and lifechanging.”

– Adrienne,  Beygood Fellow

“Lisa’s energy always seems to come at the perfect time.. she lifted me up and helped me to figure out what and why I was losing my inner energy, how to take back control and live lighter from the inside and feel more free, to control what I can and let go of what is not mine to control. She has this positive aura that is contagious. I loved working with her and look forward to more sessions  in the near future.”
– Laura Strugnell,  Olympic Athlete

“Lisa’s energy is definitely one that cannot be contained. Her ability to make you dive into yourself and find out what you’re capable of or what you thinking about is unmatched. Her support is guided and real. She really is a true human that is able to bring the best out of people.”
– Ayrton Sweeney,  Olympic Athlete

“Lisa coached my leadership team in the height of lockdown, when anxiety was at a peak. Just one session with Lisa, literally reset the teams energy from chaos to calm through discovering the right tools to put themselves in the control seat, no matter the environment.”
– Leslie Lee Fook,  Director, AI Automation

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