What you’ll learn

  • Understand how humans communicate with each other
  • Understand why others don’t always react like we think they should
  • How to react when the response we get is not what we expected
  • You will learn some ways to effectively communicate with different generations
  • You will be equipped to communicate with people of different cultures
  • How to defuse a conflict with another person


We are pleased to offer a new communication course designed for everyone. Today we live in a world that is most likely different from the one many of us grew up in. It is also a world that changes rapidly. As a result, we are often not comfortable communicating with people from different cultures, age groups, religions, or political beliefs.

Maybe you find yourself looking at social media and getting angry over a post or a comment you see, have you ever wondered why? This course will help you not only understand why, but also how to deal with the situation. If you’re involved in marketing a product, I’ll discuss which platforms are best for which type of consumer, business, generation, or culture.

Have you noticed how when you are involved in a disagreement with someone else, that the louder you speak, the more they resist and the louder they speak the more you resist. This course will give you some tactics on how to pull the plug on anger and get back to speaking to and not at each other.

You’ve been tasked by the boss to do a presentation, but you’re just not sure of how to approach the subject because your audience will consist of different generations and cultures. Say you’re from an older generation and you are working with people who are significantly younger than you, (and vice versa) there can be a barrier between the two of you. This course will show you how things to consider when approaching each one or the group as a whole.

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