What you’ll learn

  • The Initiations into the Mysteries
  • As Outlined in my book ‘The Hammer of Mysticism: Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms’
  • The Pathway of the Ancient Mystery School Traditions
  • The Pathway of the Ancient Mystics


The journey into the deeper initiations and mysteries of Out-of-Body Travel which guide the spirit ever onward into deeper and finer aspects of knowledge and vibration. Author, Marilynn Hughes, Producer Brian Mahlum.

Mystical and Out-of-Body Travel

Mystical Theology, Out-of-Body Travel, Waking Visions, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Mystical Dreams, Physical Sensations (Back of Skull, Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Heart Chakra, Emotional Chakra, Sexual Chakra, Goosebumps), Unconscious and Subconscious Travel, Vibrational Raisings, Energetic Attunements and Influx, Atonements, Fluid Recall, Energetical Recall, Conscious Recall, Gateways, Corridors, Multidimensional Portals and Vortexes, Multidimensional Beings, UFO Contactee Experiences

The Mechanics of Existence

Universal Sphere of Realms, The Program, Vibrational Knowledge, Management or the Quantum Field, Energized, De-Energized, Oneness, Multiplicity, Multiplicity of Selves in Timelessness, Multidimensional, Parallel Realities, Past Life Recall, Karmic Impetus, Eternal Impetus, Cellular Memory, Generational Memory, DNA Memory, Universal Memory, Eternal Understanding, Karmic Understanding, Afterlife Particles, Residual Particles, Past Life Particles, Shedding of the Program, Within the Program, Within the Eternal, Energetic Knowledge, Within Time, Timelessness

The Mechanics of the Alteration of Reality

Alterations, Residue, Good and Evil ‘Within the Program’ or ‘Within the Eternal,’ Subconscious and Unconscious Alteration, Re-Energizing Station, Processing, Ghosts and Lost Souls, Purgatorial Souls on Earth and in Other Realms, Evil Spirits, Sacrilege, Good and Evil, Exorcism, Deliverance, Thought Forms, Diminishment

The Mechanics of Eternal Law

Eternal Law, Violation of Eternal Law, Alignment with Eternal Law, Energetic Outcome, Outcome on the Ground, Offense Against God, Council of Twelve, Sentence of the Second Death, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, Eternal Love, Karmic Love, Karmic Understanding, Ancient Sacred Texts, Seven Virtues, Seven Vices, Seven Deadly Sins, Staying in the Center, Fruitfulness of the Spirit, Angelic Hierarchies, Destinies and Fates, Forgiveness as Potential

The Mechanics of Energy

Energetic Truth, Energetic Impetus, The Eternal, Purification, Purgative/ Discrimination, Illuminative/, Discipline, Unitive, Opposite Poles of Motion, Positive, Negative, Towards Life, Towards Death (Away from Life)

The Mechanics of Karma

Dominant Darkness, Karmic Ignorance, Original Sin, Karma, Sin, Cravings, Distractions, Detachment

The Mechanics of Initiation
Initiation into the Mysteries and Rites of Passage – Interstellar Initiations, Crucifixion, Mystery Corridors, Pyramidal Initiations, Here, There and Always, Cycles of Time, Interplanetary Initiations, Initiation of the Birth and Death Points, Current Self Circling to Future Self, Initiations into the Balance of the Masculine and Feminine Energies, Initiation into the Immortal (The Book of the Eights), Crystalline Eve and the Garden of Eden, Initiations from the Underworld to the Upperworld Spheres, Mysteries of Reincarnation, Initiations into the Elemental Spirits, The Coming Together of all Multiplicities, Fragmented Parts; Past, Present and Future, Rites of the Ascension, Initiations into the Golden Flame, Initiations into the Different Windows of Perception, Ritual of the House of the Mysteries, Rite of the Nightmare House, Ritual of the Key, Rites of the Medicine, Rites of the Native, Imperturbability, Ritual into the Living Water

The Mechanics of Unitive Consciousness

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