What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about how to protect your brand on your journey to scalling up
  • You will learn about how to have the succesfull week on a repeated basis
  • You will learn about the importance of having achors on your journey to scalling up
  • You will learn about the concept of shappening the saw


As an entrepreneur on your journey to scaling up from a startup to a growing stage enterprise, there is often a lot to be carefully considered if you were to scale the right way. This course addresses the important thematic areas in its topic. These include Fitness for health and why fitness is such an important tool for entrepreneurs, especially if you want to continuously be creative and serve your enterprise in the long term. The course also looks at why it is important for entrepreneurs to protect their brand.

Brand reputation is a component that entrepreneurs should guard jealously, and this course will show you how. This course also addresses the entrepreneurial mindset and why it is important for startups and their leaders to have a growth mindset along their journey to scale up.

Along the journey from a start-up to a scale-up, one of the most forgotten components is rest, many entrepreneurs face entrepreneurial burnout and forget to rest. This course gives you tips on how to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. It’s also worth noting that along the journey to scaling up there are a lot of fears that you will have to face as an entrepreneur and that’s why you will need anchors, mentors, and role models. This course shares with you how to face your fears and the value of having anchors to guide you during the rough storms.

Ultimately this course is for all who want to successfully navigate the journey to scaling up.

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