What you’ll learn

  • Teach people the basic components of Loving Relationships and how to master them
  • Free people from their past family patterns that are destructive
  • Teach people 100% rulership over their mind as the creator of their results
  • Show the new paradigm in relationships that is totally free of all conflict.


The Loving Relationship Training® was created by Sondra Ray to help people free themselves from past patterns of limitation they learned from their family, and apply the “new paradigm” of an Ideal Relationship based on deep connection, better communication, and conflict-free commitments. Presented in 20 specific modules that discuss very specific relationship issues and ways of exploring and healing them, Sondra Ray gives you the tool kit you need to attract, create, and enhance the Ideal Relationship you deserve in life. This set of insights are helpful to all gender fluid people, all ages, all countries. Relationships are universally the most important aspect of everyday life all over the world. The Loving Relationships Training® will help you get clear so you can create a relationship that is awesome and rewarding, and give you certainty that Love is all there is.

Sondra takes you through a journey of the mind, and uncovers all the inner workings of the mind that affect every aspect of your health, your emotional well being, your relationship with your partner, with your family, with your friends and colleagues, and your relationship to Life itself.

Presented in 20 video modules, these are the subjects covered:

  1. Creative Thought
  2. Personal Lies
  3. Overcoming Anger
  4. Family Patterns 1-7
  5. Family Patterns 8-14
  6. Completing the Past
  7. Birth
  8. God
  9. Physical Immortality
  10. Spiritual Healing
  11. The New Paradigm #1
  12. The New Paradigm #2
  13. Ingredients for Joy
  14. The Duration of a Relationship
  15. Sex
  16. Money
  17. Communication
  18. Birth Script and Breathwork
  19. Having a Spiritual Master
  20. Sondra Ray’s Books

Join Sondra Ray in these discussions about what really matters in your life. How you treat yourself matters, and in this training you come to a deep connection with your inner Self, which allows others to treat you better than you have ever imagined. This training can be watched over and over again to  bring the possibility of Pure Joy and ascension into your reality and your relationships.

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