What you’ll learn

  • Think visually.
  • Use surroundings to speak creatively.
  • Be confident to express concepts accurately.
  • Stimulate interest.
  • Build relationships with Deaf individuals.


We do not have vocabulary in ASL as many as English or other language have. So we can use the Order of Description with the use of arrangements like color, people, size, shape, taste, feeling, purpose, origins, how it work and others. In this fact, ASL itself become a language that come from the Order of Description. How so? descriptions often lead to become established signs that are widely and naturally accepted by the Deaf signers. Instead of looking up for a sign / vocabulary, we immediately use the order of description to identify an object or a person or place. In each video, there are a lot of examples on how we use this tool. Remember, we use our own freedom to arrange by order. There is no rule but I am responsible to give you idea how to apply with the OD. You can enjoy this great benefit when you travel to anywhere in the world where there is a different language. Yet, we can use OD instead of having to learn a foreign sign language. Even OD has better features than vocabulary have. And also OD provides assurance and clearer meanings. In any case you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Come and I will show you how to use the order of description.

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