What you’ll learn

  • The New Science of Positive Psychology
  • Cutting-edge practices to increase wellbeing.
  • The secrets of long-lasting, successful relationships.
  • Research-based strategies to increase resilience.
  • The science of goal-setting and achievement.


You deserve to have information that actually works… Discover how to use cutting edge science to build your best life!

In this program, you will learn from the world’s foremost researchers about how you can become more resilient, increase your happiness, improve your relationships, and build a compelling future!

You will learn directly from leading authorities in positive psychology including…

–Dr. Marty Seligman, founder of the field of positive psychology

–Dr. Angela Duckworth, author of GRIT and leading authority of achievement

–Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a world authority on the science of positive emotions

–Dr. Gabriele Oettingen, a leading expert on goal setting and motivation.

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