What you’ll learn

  • Define your goals (What metrics must be hit to make the book a success?)
  • Create your outline (using AI for support, if desired)
  • Write and edit your first draft (using software tools to speed up the process)
  • Add the interior parts of your book (to give it that professional touch)
  • Find beta readers (to help catch the mistakes before you publish — you don’t want to skip this part!)
  • Format your final manuscript
  • How to choose a title that sells
  • Where to find cover designers (or DIY methods)


81% of people claim they have a story to tell, yet only 8% of people have written a book. Why the gap? Because the task of writing a book seems long and confusing.

But that’s no longer the case. Technology has made the process of writing and publishing a high-quality book accessible to anyone. No longer do you need to spend years begging literary agents and publishers to believe in your work. You can now believe in it yourself!

This course shows you how to utilize innovative software and processes to write your manuscript 6x faster than the average writer. It will walk you through every step needed to begin your journey toward authoring a professional, high-quality book that will be available in bookstores across the globe (yes, that includes Amazon). Here, you will review ways to define reasonable goals for your book, find your ideal reader, structure and write your outline, use AI to complete your first draft, and implement software to assist with editing.

Don’t delay your book project any longer. Get started now and let the momentum of future authorship carry you through these comprehensive lessons taught by 4x bestselling writer and CEO of Visionary Literary, John Feldman!

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