What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to implement a beginning to end cold outreach sales process
  • Implement a sales process at your company that will predictably grow revenue and improve KPI’s
  • Design a performance management system to track sales KPI goals and improve performance
  • Advance your career by learning a cutting edge sales process needed for promotions
  • Become an expert at developing and implementing an end to end sales process from prospecting to implementation and reporting


  • Learn a cutting edge sales process including prospecting tools, implementation systems, and reporting processes
  • Use our sales templates to start prospecting and selling immediately
  • Understand best practices and tips so you can optimize your process quickly

How this course is arranged:

  • Part 1: Account Setup and Overview

Learn how to use the most cutting edge tools to prospect, retrieve contact details, and enroll contacts in multi-touch sales sequences. We’ll cover the tools we use for each part of the process so you can focus on selling.

Why should I learn about lead generation?

Sales is a core growth driver of revenue for many businesses. If your goal is to be a successful CEO, salesperson, or manager, you need to have the best process and tools for executing that vision. We’ll teach you our process, and give you our templates, tips, and a performance plan for an immediate impact.

Do I need any experience or related skills to complete this?

All you will need is access to a computer. We will provide all the necessary documents for you to organize and execute your sales process.

What is included in the certification materials?

We will provide you access to all the documents and high definition video walkthroughs that cover the document topics.

  • Part 2: Sales Sequence Implementation

We’ll jump right in and go over how to implement a beginning to end sales sequence from prospecting to implementation and reporting. You’ll use our templates to create a multi-touch sales sequence and get tips on how to improve your sales cadence over time. We’ll then give you a performance management system so you can monitor KPI goals for your sales team and understand if you are being successful or failing over time.

Why do I need to understand how to implement a sales sequence?

Simply put, sales sequences simplify the messaging and outreach of targeted accounts and make your job easier to accomplish your goals.

Why is reporting important?

You’ll want to understand if what you are executing is leading to success or failure so we’ll provide you ready to go system for managing KPI goals.

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