What you’ll learn

  • Problem-solving skills that stand out among peers.
  • Communicate clear, concise and persuasive words that will achieve your objectives.
  • Design practical solutions to resonate within a diverse, digital-era workplace.
  • Address the root causes of problems, not symptoms.
  • Ask the right questions to solve a problem.
  • Have greater confidence in communicating your ideas.
  • Build trust and strengthen relationships at work.
  • Break down complicated problems into basic components.
  • See instant improvements in your problem solving skills.


To become a high-impact leader that people trust, you have to be a great critical thinker who can find solid solutions to a range of problems you encounter in the workplace. I’ve seen many resumes where people describe themselves as critical thinkers, but unfortunately, they fail to show that on paper, much less during an interview. For clarity, let’s define what that word will mean in the context of this course. In this course, when we say problem, it relates to everyday work challenges that team leaders face in the workplace and require thoughtfulness and careful decision-making.

This course will help you understand the value of critical thinking and how to apply critical thinking to problem solving. How to formulate high impact solutions to workplace problems, and how to express these solutions when writing and speaking.

You will have access to a course outline that shows you everything that we will cover as well as an interactive course notebook. As you complete this course, you will be prompted to place important details in the notebook. So that at the end of the course, you will have a convenient, quick guide you can refer to whenever you need it.

So why do you need this course? Society tells us that once we earn a traditional degree, we have everything we need to be a great problem solver. However, the world is changing fast. We’re more connected than ever before. And that means we have access to more people from diverse backgrounds and more workplace situations with a wider range of contexts. That means many more problems. It’s not enough to just follow instructions or a template. You have to reason your way through the problems you encounter in the workplace. You have to filter the answers that you come up with so that you can choose the best ones that have the highest impact. You also need to be able to share them in a way that resonates with your audience.

For this course, I developed a good set of proven tools that anyone can use to tackle workplace problems in a leadership role. And it’s my pleasure to be able to share them with you. The goal for you as you complete this course is to make sure that after every section, you leave with information that you can start using immediately.

Are you ready to start making problem-solving your superpower?

Let’s get started.

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