What you’ll learn

  • Understand what are price breakouts vs fakeouts
  • Understand the importance of the fractals indicator & learn to trade using fractals
  • Master trading Support & Resistance Lines by using fractals
  • Identify high probability trades using the Moving Average Lines & learn to trade them using fractals
  • Learn exact entry levels, take profit levels, & stop loss levels
  • Get enough practice during this process that trading fractals will flow naturally…


Trading Master 105 – Trading with Price Breakout Strategies is the 5th course in the series of courses that is designed to take the absolute beginner in trading from their first steps all the way to becoming a full time trader on the financial markets!

This is an intermediate to advanced level trading course that teaches students (who are already able to read charts) how to take advantage of price breakouts and earn consistent returns in their investments.

This is a serious course meant for serious students who want to make money through trading!

Students will be able understand the use of Fractals Indicator and get enough practice during the course that trading on their own will become very easy!

Traders around the world use this Amazing Strategy to make a lot of money!

Unlike other courses where instructors focus their attention entirely on theory, I focus my course on actual hands on trading. I use charts to show you where to enter a trade and where to exit a trade with profit!

The “Trading Master 105 – Trading with Price Breakout Strategies Covers:

  • What are Price Breakouts?
  • What are Fractals?
  • Fractal Breakouts
  • Support & Resistance Breakouts
  • Moving Average Breakouts
  • Identify KEY Entry Levels
  • Identify & Place Stop Loss Levels!
  • Identify & Place Take Profit Levels!
  • Bonus Lectures: Keep yourself up to date with LIVE examples of trades that I enter into every now and then.

Further to this… you will have direct access to me to discuss any of your trades! You can contact me via Udemy Private Message Service, or the Q&A Section in the course.

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