What you’ll learn

  • Understanding how to deal with loss, grief and death
  • How to transform loss, grief and death
  • The tantric principle of transformation
  • Learning to meet loss, grief and death wholly


1 full day of the 7-days “Transforming Darkness” Retreat, that includes:

  • A talk about the transformation of Loss, Grief and Death
  • A Guided “Inner Fire” meditaion
  • An expansion practice,
  • An evening Satsang
  • “Clear Light” guided meditation

What happens when the principles of tantric enlightenment meet darkness?

How dos the tantric heart and mind deal with challenges and difficult situations in life?

How can ‘negative’ energies we experience be harnessed, used and transformed for spiritual awakening?

All energies that we are able to find internally and externally – including our so-called lower urges or muddy emotions – are spiritual in their essence. Every form of darkness is hidden, contracted light.

This perspective is very different from common and widespread forms of spirituality that recommend detached observation.

Tantra knows the powerful potential that lies in exactly these negative energies. A tantric practitioner is never afraid of negative emotions, traumas, sexual energy, fears or worries.

If we can only learn to face and transform these energies in the right way, they can become powerful stepping stones to true realisation. In fact, the Tantric principle of transformation is most powerful and meaningful when we turn to the darkness. So, instead of trying to avoid negative energies, we learn to meet them wholly.

It’s not about simply awakening negative energies but discovering the powerful influence they have on our everyday experience, and the truth and light that lies in their transformation.

You will realise that you have the power and ability to bring a chaotic state of mind back into harmony: into an experience of wholeness – and that can be the most liberating, beautiful and joyful discovery.

This retreat with Shai Tubali is an invitation to encounter all aspects of our being in deepest silence; to transform them with powerful techniques from the world of tantric enlightenment, so that the light of awakening can permeate our whole being.

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