What you’ll learn

  • Create and paint a thematic series of sketches that represents a place you have traveled to using photographs or sketching live.
  • Create finished sketches with ink pens that come to life when watercolor is applied.
  • This course is a two for one since it includes sketching and beginning watercolor lectures.
  • Combine skills learned from previous courses: Proportions, Contours, Landscapes and Perspective


In this course, I will teach you how to create a series of thematic, painted sketches that tell a story or feature a particular location. The instruction will focus on adding watercolors to your ink drawings of buildings, trees, sculptures and other landscape features.  I will travel  to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I will show you how to create a series of sketches that bring to life a particular place. You can use your previous sketches, create a series from past photographs or make a new series from a place around you.

I will introduce the idea of creating a thematic border around your sketches and you then you will watch me create my sketches.  Half of the class, eight lectures, are dedicated to watercolors. I introduce watercolor techniques like flat and graded washes, glazing and creating value charts and creating study paintings.

I will cover the materials and techniques that I prefer, and then you will watch me paint, with step by step narrated instruction instruction of how to paint your sketches.  If you are a beginning painter, you can stop at any stage, and if you are up for more of a challenge, watch as I turn my sketches into finished paintings!

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