What you’ll learn

  • Contour line drawing and proportional drawing – the foundational skills for sketching.
  • How to draw simple and complex objects indoors.
  • How to draw simple and complex objects outdoors.


In this four part series of classes, Part One: Beginner’s Guide to Sketching, covers the two foundational skills of a good sketch: Contour Line Drawing and Proportional Drawing. These two techniques are enough to get you started on your way to becoming a proficient and happy sketcher!  Join Marilee as she walks you though drawing four different objects that appear indoors and outdoors, and grow in complexity, using each of the two techniques.  Then complete the class assignments drawing your own objects in your house or backyard, finding how easy it is to create interesting and successful sketches.  Some shading is also covered in this course.

Marilee will also share with you her favorite sketchbooks, pens and tools that she carries in her pack when she travels and sketches.  Join her in the first class of this four part series and start your journey to becoming the sketcher you have always wanted to be!

Marilee is a college professor in Southern California who teaches drawing, painting and sketching.  She has been working as an educator for over 20 years.  She likes to say that her favorite pieces of art are her students.  So sign up for one of her classes and enjoy the ride!

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