What you’ll learn

  • To connect with unconditional joy, independent of external circumstances
  • To dicscover the wholeness and fullness of life
  • To learn of and get in touch with the second Chakra
  • How to feel more alive in each moment


Where has the joy gone?

As children, we all still had this wondrous capacity to feel intensely. But over the years, this direct access has often been lost.

– the ability to communicate directly with the life around us through our bodies, senses, feelings, passions and curiosity.

How connected have you felt to the unconditional joy, abundance and diversity of life over the last few weeks? How alive are you in each moment?

While we can’t always change external circumstances, we definitely have control over how free and happy we feel in them.

Life is a creative explosion, an endless sea of joy. There is more fullness, vitality and aliveness in every single moment than we could ever grasp with our minds.

This is the deeper perspective of our second chakra. And the more we may feel drained and lacking in energy, the more important it is to awaken these deeper potentials within us.

Within us we can find a direct access to life, to an unconditional joy of life, independent of external circumstances.

It is time to rediscover and rekindle the contact with the actual wholeness and fullness of life.

So how do we do this? So how do we get in touch with this remarkable chakra – and thus with the feeling of joy of life?

That is exactly the journey we would like to invite you to

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