What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Domain Name, Web Hosting & WordPress
  • How To Install WordPress & Set it up
  • How To Install Themes & Set it up
  • How to install & setup Plugins & Some Essentials Plugins to install
  • Creating, Editing & Customizing Pages in WordPress
  • Creating, Editing & Customizing Posts in WordPress
  • Creating, Editing & Customizing Contact Forms in WordPress
  • Creating, Editing & Customizing Menus in WordPress
  • Creating, Editing & Customizing Widgets in WordPress
  • Creating, Editing & Customizing Headers in WordPress
  • Additional Section in WordPress : Portfolios, Pricing Tables, Partners & Teams
  • Securing Your WordPress Website Using WAF & Cloud based security solutions (For Free)
  • Setting Up Analytics on WordPress Website
  • Setting Up Search Engine Optimization on WordPress Website
  • Activating Caching on WordPress Website
  • Setting up Content Delivery Network (CDN) on WordPress Website
  • How to optimize wordpress images and clean up databases regularly


WordPress  The Power of 30% of internet,
The open source software which dominates more than 75% of CMS Market Share,

The rapidly developing tool which is being trusted by not only individuals but also governments,
is not as easy to learn as you think.

So you are looking for learning WordPress right,
For, professional reasons or for creating websites, freelancing…. There are various reasons to learn WordPress.

But the question arises here is…
Are you at the right place to learn WordPress ?  ?

So in this course you are getting all major topics covered including:

1. Domain Name Basics
2. Web Hosting Basics
3. Best Deals on Domain Name
4. WordPress Installation
5. Basic Settings
6. Themes
7. Plugins
8. Pages
9. Contact Forms
10. Headers
11. Blogs
12. Menus
13. Widgets
14. Pricing Tables
15. Portfolios
16. Teams
17. Partners
18. Cloud Security
19. Web Application Framework (WAF)
20. Analytics
21. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
22. CDN
23. Caching & Minification
24. Image Optimization
25. Database Optimization
And Much Much More!

That’s not all!
We have also got various tips, tricks & hacks for WordPress during the course which you can apply during real time creation and development.
Also we have got you a video showing How to Create a Website for free (including Domain Name, SSL, Hosting, & Cloudflare).
Now you can’t make any excuses.

And, And, And This course is based on project based approach instead of tutorial based approach which means that this is a continuous course through which you can create a full fledge website in just 1 shot (even by following us from head to toe). For more information check the preview of first video i.e “Welcome To The Mission : Project WordPress”

This course will be constantly updated with latest version videos.
And if you have any doubts feel free to ask questions in QnA Section?
You must get reply within 24 hours – 48 hours.

So, what’s your point?
You have got PowerFul Tool – WordPress
You have got Massive Content
You have got support
You have got project based approach
You have also got background electronic music (Just for fun)

And, All these topics covered just under 5 hours!

Now it’s all upto you, Choose Wisely!

If you choose to continue the journey with this course,
I would be waiting for you to welcome inside!
See you inside then.

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