What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to fully enjoy speaking in front of people and forget about any stage fright
  • Know a simple and clear process to prepare your talk with the 5 finger strategy
  • Make your audience feel comfortable by matching their energy
  • Find out how (not) to start your talk and discover the power of Breath, Stance and Tone of Voice
  • Make people care about your talk by representing their hopes, fears and frustrations
  • Use the Hourglass Principle in preparation to make sure you have one main message
  • Evoke images in the heads of your audience by using great metaphors
  • Tell powerful stories by using the secrets of Kevin Hart’s story-telling and other comedians
  • Humanize your message and find the right balance in how much personal stories you share
  • Use powerful questions
  • End your talk at the perfect moment in the most intriguing way



My name is Nikolai Kohler and I have been a public speaker for almost 20 years.

In this course I am giving you a clear step-by-step-process on how to become a truly powerful public speaker and presenter.

We will follow the 5 Finger Strategy, giving us a a structure and framework for every talk we give. Every finger stands for a specific aspect, which is important for your message to be powerful.

  • 5 Finger Strategy – How to Structure Your Talk
  • 1) THUMB – How to Make Sure You and Your Audience Are Thumbs Up When You Begin
    • Forget about Stage Fright – How to Love Being on Stage
    • How (not) to Start Your Talk – Breath, Stance, Tone of Voice Matter
    • How to Make Sure Your Audience is Ready to Listen
  • 2) INDEX FINGER – How to Touch Your Audience and Point into Their Lives
    • Lady Diana – How to Make People Care about Your Talk
    • The Hourglass Principle – Why You Should Have One Main Message
  • 3) MIDDLE FINGER – How to Use the Power of Symbols in Your Talk
    • Ticket Machines – The Power of Metaphors
    • How to Tell Powerful Stories
    • Why the Book is often Better than the Movie – Trust Your Voice
  • 4) RING FINGER – How to Make Your Message Personal
    • Personal, but not Private – Finding the Right Balance in What You Share
    • Are You Using Enough Question? (Just asking)
  • 5) PINKY – How to End Your Talk or Presentation Well
    • The Last Impression is the Lasting Impression – End Your Talk with Intention

I believe that public speaking provides one of the greatest opportunities to inspire and positively influence other people at scale. I believe anyone can learn to become great at the art of public communication.

What it needs are just some fundamental insights into how audiences become engaged and start to care for what you have to say.

You will find every secret  I have learned about public speaking over the last 20 years in this course. From how (not) start your talk to immediately capturing the audiences attention to learning how to focus on one main message. You will learn it all.

I hope that this course inspires you to believe in yourself and to go out there and be the best public speaker your audience has ever listened to.

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