What you’ll learn

  • Understand self-regulation in children so you can support your child through their big feelings and tantrums
  • Use self-regulation strategies to help de-escalate behaviours when your child feels out of control or too upset
  • Use self-regulation techniques with yourself in moments of stress so you can feel more patient and less frustrated
  • Know how to create moments of connection with your child even if they try to avoid you
  • Increase bonding and connection with challenging children


In this parenting course you will learn amazing things about your child’s behaviours. You will find out the answers you’ve been looking for incessantly!

Learn what triggers children’s behaviours, who is in charge of these behaviours, how self-regulation develops and how you can help your child regulate themselves more and more.

The resources in this course will help you understand your child, the way they behave and how they can have less outbursts and meltdowns and cooperate more.

As you go through this course you will:

✨ Be able to connect with your child on a daily basis

✨ Smile and laugh with your child every day

✨ See your child feeling more regulated

✨ Be able to have your first cup of coffee in the mornings and keep an smile on your face as you look forward to the day ahead of you

✨ Be able to go out and socialise more as you loose fear and win confidence about your child’s behaviours in public spaces

✨ Understand more why they behave the way the do

✨ See a more connected and empathetic child

✨ Feel more empathetic yourself

✨ Feel less irritated over your child’s daily struggles

✨ Be more connected with yourself, your inner being and how you feel

✨ Get clarity in regards to what the next steps are going to be when it comes to choosing new ways to support your child

✨ Recognise your child’s emotional state which means you will be able to prevent meltdowns on a daily basis

✨ Know how to de-escalate behaviours

✨ Understand your child’s emotional needs based on their emotional state

✨ Be able to reduce power struggles on a daily basis

What you will learn:

  • You will learn strategies to de-escalate behaviours in moments of conflicts (which can be extremely helpful)
  • You will learn amazing ways to connect with your child and build trust and closure even if your child resists and avoids connecting with you.
  • You will understand how your child’s brain works and what dictates their behaviours
  • You will learn how to deal with these behaviours and de-escalate them
  • You will learn how to release stress on a daily basis and why this can be so important and life0changing for you

By understanding more about where behaviours and emotional outbursts come from you will be able to stop with the self-doubt and know exactly what to do when your child is struggling emotionally.

You will also understand yourself more, your own behaviours and recognise your own triggers when facing challenges and struggles with your child.

By connecting more and more with your child you will be able to see a more cooperative and helpful child around your home.

Because no parent deserves to struggle when it comes to disciplining their beloved child.


✨ You will also learn strategies to help decrease your own stress levels and how to connect with feelings of happiness and calmness yourself.

✨ Have a more peaceful and calmer family dynamics which is crucial for the improvement of your relationship with your child but also your relationship with yourself.

✨ Get more and more familiar with mindfulness strategies you can use on a daily basis which will make possible for you, the parent to feel calmer and relaxed so you can show up as a parent in the way you choose!

✨ You will naturally begin to feel more patient, empathetic and compassionate as you feel less judgmental and more curious about how and why your child is behaving the way they do.

As I tell all families I work with, there is no such a thing as a magic pill but you can definitely transform the way you are dealing with the conflicts and make it a positive journey for your family and yourself.

Because even in the toughest moments, it is possible to have positive interactions and experiences ♥️

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